I finally have my own custom-built tube amplifier! I built it under the direction of, and with lots of help from, my good friend Tyler Wayne Drabick of Boss Organ Company in Somerville Massachusetts. Check out his website if you're interested in getting your own custom amp, or if you have any interest in Hammond Organs and/or Leslie speakers.



I'm grateful and excited to have a new custom made guitar strap by Athena! Check out @athenastraps for more examples, and to get your own custom handmade strap! This one is made from material that I bought in Ghana and leather that Jennie (the artist) got at a Native American pow-wow.



I've been having a great time playing my songs for people lately, and I'm working bringing them to new places in order to send them into new ears. Here's a photo from a recent show at Radio Bean in Burlington VT!

photo credit: Bloom Machine Photography




I'm looking forward to whatever this new year has in store for me. Today I submitted a video for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

Check it out!





Last Saturday night I got to sit in on guitar with Sarah Blacker for a few tunes! I was pretty damn happy to be there.

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The Dane Anderson Trio show at the Common Cafe and Tavern on 9/11 was a huge success! It was great to see so many familiar faces there, and so many unfamiliar ones too. Brian Preman did a great job opening up for us, and the great saxophone player Kose Yamaguchi showed up all the way from Boston and sat in with us on a few tunes. It was a fantastic night, many thanks to everyone who was there!

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It's been a fun year so far! With Po Boyz I had the pleasure of opening for Glen David Andrews Band at Johnny D's on my birthday, and of playing in New Orleans during the Jazz and Heritage Festival with the great Simon Lott on the drums! I've also played some fun festivals in New England including the Northern Sun Music Festival, Jerry Jam, and the Vermont Music Fest, and I recently played a wicked fun show with Po Boyz at Church of Boston.

All that good stuff, plus a bunch of other fun shows with the Whiskey Geese, Anderson Steer Duo, Dane Anderson Trio, and a few solo shows have made this the best year of my musical career so far.

Thanks so much to everyone who has come out to support any of the projects I'm a part of. I hope you're well!

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Jerry Jam 2015 was a great time in a gorgeous location, and the unnamed band got a name!


Tyler Wayne: Hammond Organ

Chris White: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Brendan Dowd: Bass

Jared Steer: Drums

Dane Anderson: Electric Guitar

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I'm excited about some recent and upcoming events...

I brought my guitar down to Chubbuck Guitars in Lynn MA and got a new custom bone nut built and installed to bring my action up to where I want it for playing slide while allowing it to be lower at the bridge so I can fret more easily high up the neck. It came out great, I'm really digging it!

Po Boyz have some exciting shows coming up, one on 8/8 at Vermont Music Fest, playing right after Soule Monde, and then on 8/15 playing at Church of Boston!

Come check out some shows!

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I have a mailing list! At the moment I'm calling it the Sea Beast List. Join it!

I won't send you too many emails, just an update or a special download once in a while.

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